Driven—to grow with our customers through technology and opportunity.

Our customers have challenged us to become more than other printing companies.

We are driven to grow with you, providing you with the latest in computer-to-plate technology, more press capacity for quicker turnarounds, more binding options, more warehouse space, more of what you are asking for.

Challenging the present to create the future.




Corporate Graphics' creative team is comprised of experienced design professionals who understand how to deliver high-quality work that's on time and on target. We take pride in providing our team with access to and training in the latest design programs and the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Whether you need a logo, a new look for your stationery, a brochure or mailer, an annual report or any other marketing piece—we can help. Our goal is to make you look good.




The CG Prepress Department workflow is streamlined and well suited to handle huge volumes of work with amazing speed and accuracy. Last-minute changes? No problem. We use Kodak Prinergy Workflow coupled with InSite interactive online proofing system to moves job quickly through all digital proofing and digital plating stages. GRACoL G7 Certified closed-loop color management helps assure extraordinary accuracy in hard copy proof-to-press color reproduction.



Proofing your work is accomplished at various stages. There are specific types of color-accurate soft and hard copy proofs produced during the prepress and printing phases that allow you to evaluate and approve your job before it goes to press.

InSite Proof (Smart Review): An InSite proof is considered a soft proof (on-screen only). This Web-enabled, interactive proofing technology provides a detailed, full-screen preview of your piece along with viewing, annotation and chat tools. InSite is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. We also offer free on-site and remote technical support and training. If this option interests you, please contact your sales representative for further details. For InSite Guide instructions, click on link at the bottom of page to download PDF.

Imposition Proof: An imposition proof is a physical representation (mock-up) of the final printed piece. These low-resolution inkjet proofs are designed to show the general layout, order of pages, alignment and actual physical size of the piece. Imposition proofs do not represent accurate color. That role is filled by the contract proof.

Contract Proof: This is a hard copy final color proof that is reviewed, approved and signed by the customer. It is a high-resolution representation of the printed piece that the press operator also uses for visual matching and comparison. Contract proofs are produced using the same color-managed digital file used to image the plates.

Press Proof: In a press proof, the designer/customer works directly with the press operator to achieve approved color. Once this is attained and the customer signs off, the press operator completes the balance of the job. Generally speaking, press proofs are reserved for only the most color-critical, high-profile jobs.



When final proofs are approved, the job is ready to be plated and moved to the press. To accomplish this, the same color-managed digital file used to produce the final proofs is sent to our computer-to-plate (CTP) laser output devices. Here, type, artwork and photos are quickly and flawlessly transformed into the breathtaking images that will be reproduced on paper at each press.


Offset & Digital Printing


Offset Press

Enormous capacity, flexibility and capabilities are the attributes that best describe the
CG Press department. Brochures, books, annual reports, posters, labels and business stationery are just a few examples of the work that comes alive on our complete line
of state-of-the-art sheetfed presses.

  • Our presses are capable of printing a wide range of stocks, allowing multiple choices in sheet sizes, special colors, finishes and coatings
  • Wide range of press sizes to cover nearly any quantity run
  • Closed-loop color control and continuous monitoring on 6-, 8- & 10-color
    40" offset presses.
  • Prepress interface allows presetting of ink fountains from digital data, which increases speed, accuracy and repeatability
  • In-house ink mixing system offers custom spot (Pantone) colors and drawdowns on actual job stocks
  • Highly skilled lead operators who average over 12 years experience


Digital Press

  • Digital file input, 4-color, two-sided output
  • 812 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Capable of merging variable data and personalization
  • Prints up to 20.8" x 29.5"



Finishing Services

All work with press sheets other than the actual printing: cutting, jogging (to form a neat even stack of sheets), collating, folding, and stitching.

Die Cutting
Fabricating process to cut any shape, design or pattern through the use of steel rule dies, rotary or circular dies, thermal dies and clicker dies, as well as machined compound and progressive die tooling.

Impressing an image in relief to achieve either a raised surface (embossing) or an indented pattern (debossing); may be either on blank paper (blind embossed) or overprinted.

Foil Stamping
The use of a thin sheet of metal, plastic or other shiny material (clear or opaque) which is "stamped" in a design onto the paper surface. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing or debossing. (With debossing, the image is pressed into paper so it lies below the surface.)

An operation performed— commonly after printing and cutting—to fold a press sheet into a signature, map, pamphlet, etc.

Hand Bindery
Any finishing work done by hand: assembly, collating, gluing, etc.

The application of a thin plastic film to a printed sheet for protection or appearance, creating a hard, glossy surface that is impervious to stains.

Cutting off excess press sheet material to create the final size of the printed page/image.



Bookbinding Services

Soft Cover



Binding that involves stacking all the pages or signatures together, roughening and flattening the spine edge and attaching the paper cover to the spine with a flexible adhesive.


Adhesive Bound

Binding that involves securing loose pages into a solid text block by means of an adhesive rather than by means of sewing or stitching.


Smyth Sewn


Smyth Sewn Lay-Flat

Binding that involves sewing together folded, gathered, and collated signatures with a single thread sewn through the folds of individual signatures.



Binding that involves stacking all the pages or signatures together, roughening and flattening the spine edge and attaching the paper cover to the spine with a PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive binding considered the most durable bookbinding adhesive on the market.



Binding that involves securing the pages of a section through the center fold by means of wire staples; the term "saddle" derives from the SADDLE of the machine.


Hard Cover (Casebound)



Binding that involves securing the sections of a book with thread or wire near the binding edge, from front to back through the entire thickness of the text block. 


Adhesive Bound Round-Back


Adhesive Bound


Adhesive Bound
Binding that involves securing loose pages into a solid text block by means of an adhesive rather than by means of sewing or stitching.


Smyth Sewn


Smyth Sewn

Smyth Sewn
Binding that involves sewing together folded, gathered, and collated signatures with a single thread sewn through the folds of individual signatures.


Specialty Binding


Wire-O Bound


Wire-O Bound
Binding books along the edge using double loops of wire; this allows the book to lie flat when opened.


Standard Drill

Standard Drilled
Punching three holes in a finished printed piece for use in a ring binder.


Warehouse & Fulfillment


Corporate Graphics can offer you a complete warehouse and fulfillment solution. Please review the information and links below for additional information. If these solutions fit your organizational needs and you would like to pursue a contract for these services, please contact your personal sales representative for details.

Warehouse/Fulfillment Specs:

  • At our 1735 Northway Drive location we have 64,000 square feet of warehouse with 8,000 bin locations.
  • At our 1680 Roe Crest Drive location we have 24,000 square feet of warehouse with 3,800 bin locations.
  • Production Capacity - 200,000 books per day
  • Fulfillment Capacity - 50,000 books per day
  • U.S. School Library Processing is also available

Receiving Requirements:
We receive shipments of materials Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. All other deliveries by appointment only.

Fulfillment Terms and Conditions:
Please call and speak to one of our sales representatives for our most current agreement and pricing options. 

Location Map


CG Receiving Address
1750 Northway Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003
After Hours: 507-386-6383

3 Large Truck Docks
1 Low Dock
2 Forklifts

Ron Hansen
Warehouse Supervisor


CG Fulfillment Address
1680 Roe Crest Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003
After Hours: 507-386-6383

Justin Geerdes
Fulfillment Supervisor


eContent & eBooks

Corporate Graphics offers your printed content in digital form in the following formats. Contact your sales representative for pricing.


Extension: .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format, a free shareware from Adobe)

  • Electronic version of the pages will look the same as the print version. 
  • Text will not reflow nor will it enlarge or be made smaller with the device/reader features. However, end-user can use the pinch and zoom technique to enlarge the whole page. 
  • Can be created as a single or spread version. Restrictions may apply if viewed on a device. 
  • This style of book may also be made as an interactive PDF. Functionality allows for navigation, roll-overs, links, video and sound. It is however not suitable for reading on a device that do not support Javascript or Flash. 

ePub2 and/or Mobi Format Reflowable ePub
Extension: .ePub or .mobi

  • Text and images reflow to fit the device screen.
  • Original printed page formatting and layout is often lost.
  • Only in a single page format. Two page is driven by the support of the device.

ePub3 and/or KF8 Fixed ePub
Extension: ePub or .mobi

  • The page will look like the printed page layout and fit to book size on screen.
  • User can click on a word to copy, search or to look up a word in a dictonary.
  • This format is best suited for coffee table and illustrated childrens style of books.
  • Not all the same features are available in a KF8 format.
  • This style of book can also be made with less functionality as an image-based solution. 

Format: Delivered to the customer as a zip file that will need to be unzipped and loaded to your webserver.

  • Flipbook may include additional text, links, audio, images or video.
  • Needs to be hosted on a website with internet connection.
  • Full functionality on websites via a computer. Limited functionaliy on devices.
  • Flash-based.