Corporate Graphics' creative team is comprised of experienced design professionals who understand how to deliver high-quality work that's on time and on target. We take pride in providing our team with access to and training in the latest design programs and the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Whether you need a logo, a new look for your stationery, a brochure or mailer, an annual report or any other marketing piece—we can help. Our goal is to make you look good.




The CG Prepress Department workflow is streamlined and well suited to handle huge volumes of work with amazing speed and accuracy. Last-minute changes? No problem. We use Kodak Prinergy Workflow coupled with InSite interactive online proofing system to moves job quickly through all digital proofing and digital plating stages. GRACoL G7 Certified closed-loop color management helps assure extraordinary accuracy in hard copy proof-to-press color reproduction.



Proofing your work is accomplished at various stages. There are specific types of color-accurate soft and hard copy proofs produced during the prepress and printing phases that allow you to evaluate and approve your job before it goes to press.

InSite Proof (Smart Review): An InSite proof is considered a soft proof (on-screen only). This Web-enabled, interactive proofing technology provides a detailed, full-screen preview of your piece along with viewing, annotation and chat tools. InSite is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. We also offer free on-site and remote technical support and training. If this option interests you, please contact your sales representative for further details. For InSite Guide instructions, click on link at the bottom of page to download PDF.

Imposition Proof: An imposition proof is a physical representation (mock-up) of the final printed piece. These low-resolution inkjet proofs are designed to show the general layout, order of pages, alignment and actual physical size of the piece. Imposition proofs do not represent accurate color. That role is filled by the contract proof.

Contract Proof: This is a hard copy final color proof that is reviewed, approved and signed by the customer. It is a high-resolution representation of the printed piece that the press operator also uses for visual matching and comparison. Contract proofs are produced using the same color-managed digital file used to image the plates.

Press Proof: In a press proof, the designer/customer works directly with the press operator to achieve approved color. Once this is attained and the customer signs off, the press operator completes the balance of the job. Generally speaking, press proofs are reserved for only the most color-critical, high-profile jobs.



When final proofs are approved, the job is ready to be plated and moved to the press. To accomplish this, the same color-managed digital file used to produce the final proofs is sent to our computer-to-plate (CTP) laser output devices. Here, type, artwork and photos are quickly and flawlessly transformed into the breathtaking images that will be reproduced on paper at each press.