PDF Guidelines

A PDF, or Portable Document Format, file is usually smaller and self-contained. It is a format that includes the document, text, images and vector graphics. If a PDF is written correctly, there is no reason to send the “collected” files, and the potential issues that come with them are eliminated. The following link will assist in this educational process.

Quality PDFs can be sent from the major design programs—QuarkXPress® and InDesign®. Other programs provide opportunities to create PDFs too. Check the program's online help guide to establish if the program has the ability to create high-end PDFs.


How to turn on CGC Color Settings using InDesign

A. Open InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC. Be sure all documents are closed.

B. Edit >> Color Settings, select CGC_ColorSettings

Click OK.




Writing a PDF


A. Open your document.

B. Under File >> Export.

C. Name your pdf.






D. Choose Adobe PDF (Print) (not Adobe PDF (Interactive)) >> Save




E. Under Adobe PDF Preset: Select CG_pdfx4 >> Export